August 7, 2017

Dungeonetics Ep. 23 Won’t like it till you try it

Our adventure actually starts clean and slightly problem free. Sure the White Tower has slipped into a different plane of existance and each day is a struggle between life and death at the hands of zombie lords and demonic forces, but at least we have our health and good looks.

With the confidence of the acting governing council and city guard on our side, Lord Albert Shaw and crew have taking an active role in the affairs of Haven. A feast has been set in our honor for our recent unmasking of a cannibalistic madman with familiar ties to Esmond Wright, world reknown taylor and benefactor, with fine form fitted linnen in tow.

Sadly, one of our guests has an acquired taste the likes of us do not share.

Our four heroes are Marc Warnock as Estee Marc Torri, Jeremy Hutsell as Albert Shaw, Bryon Kozaczka as Kazaa Kingsley, and Robert Kegler as Chester Winterbottom.
The Dungeon Master is John Francia
Hosted & Edited by Robert Kegler
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