Marc and Bryon talk about this past weekends Jack & Jill, Porn hub St. Pats stats, Star Wars News and how James Gunn is back baby!!!

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Bryon "Fury" Kozaczka, Marc "Vers" Warnock, Jon "Yon-Rogg" Francia, Jeremy "Goose" Hutsell, Jake "Coulson" Warnock & Jason "Ronan" Yarns review the newest MCU film "Captain Marvel" while eating late at Denny's. 

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Marc and Bryon discuss the Oscar wins, Force Friday news, new Disney + MCU plans, Robert Kraft & Cheese news and we sing Shallow. 

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East of the River Comic Book & Collectibles Show Preview Edition

February 24th, 10am to 3pm
Admission only 99 cents, under 10 gets in for FREE!!!
Free Giveaways & Hourly Raffles!

American Legion, 566 Enfield Street
Enfield CT, 06082

Guests Include:
Matt Ryan from Free Lunch Comics
Geekonomics Podcast
& Much Much More!!!!

Bryon, Josh and Nate talk presuspension in our infamous high school magazine "The Phantoms Newsletter". 

#FHS #ThePhantoms 

Marc and Bryon talk about Black Panther joining the award season, Ghostbusters 3 and we talk about that Netflix Fyre Fest Doc. 

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Are you familiar with the logic puzzle of the farmer who has to transport a chicken, birdseed, and a fox across a river? He has a rowboat that only holds one extra passenger and if left alone with one particular item the chicken will eat the grain, and the fox will eat the chicken.

Well, imagine if your "fox" became so untrustworthy and fueled with rage that he drilled a hole in your rowboat and poisoned the grain with anthrax to make a point.


In this episode we uncover our fox, address a grievance, and finally patch up the loose ends of Haven. Witness what happens when an pure player driven plot line organically gestates into role playing right before you ears. 


Our five heroes are

Jason Yarnes as Kelson Greenrain,

Marc Warnock as Estee Marc Torri,

Jeremy Hutsell as Albert Shaw,

Bryon Kozaczka as Kazaa Kingsley,

and Robert Kegler as Chester Winterbottom.

The Dungeon Master is John Francia

Hosted & Edited by Robert Kegler
Look out for us on all the good socials. Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook @Dungeonetics
...also if you are the mailing type.

Bryon "Hedwig" Kozaczka, Marc "Luke" Warnock, Jon "Berry" Francia, Jeremy "Norma" Hutsell and Jason "Dennis" Yarns review the new M. Night Shyamalan movie Glass over some hot coffee and hotcakes. We also talk about Walking Dead, Cloverfield, new Lord of the Rings and we end it with Jay doing a cool card trick. 

#Glass #TWD #Dennys #Split #Unbreakable 

Bryon, Josh and Nate talk post-suspension of our infamous high school magazine "The Phantoms Newsletter".

#FHS #ThePhantoms  

Marc & Bryon talk about our best of moments of 2018 while going over the Top Movies, Music and Video games of 2018.

#Bestof2018 #Movies #Music #VideoGames 

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