July 26, 2017

Dungeonetics Ep. 22 Masterportation

Haven. Ironic, because there is no shelter from villany in its walls...

After dispatching a mob with creative theater and charismatic speach, Lord Albert Shaw was summoned by the de facto government of Haven to solve yet another problem he and his crew may have started in the first place. By allowing his removed and denounced sister to escape, the Duke has turned the once proud city of haven into a death trap with missing persons, deception, and wanton crime.

Our heroes have tracked down a gang of abductees about to commit murder, but thanks to the dice rolls of "Myles Carver" we may have dispatched the victim too early.


Our four heroes are Marc Warnock as Estee Marc Torri, Jeremy Hutsell as Albert Shaw, Bryon Kozaczka as Kazaa Kingsley, and Robert Kegler as Chester Winterbottom.
The Dungeon Master is John Francia
Hosted & Edited by Robert Kegler
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