June 12, 2017

Dungeonetics Ep-19 Pass the dutchie to the left hand side

Awoken from a crypt Lord Albert Shaw, Marc Ezio Torre and Kazaa Kingsley have put alot of mileage on there bones in the past six years. This particular adventure started in Gloom meadow at the hands of a zombie uprising from shadowy unknown forces with unclear intentions. One could make the arguement that each event since then was done under some sense of justice and hope that the actions were helping the overall problem.


They didn't.

Now a mad rush to the mainland to find the released avatar of death, Soulsi, is on each of our heroes minds. The need to establish order and normality in this troubled land forces unwilling heroes to take the helm of chaos and seek out an end to Bainsolas once and for all...

but first, nation building.

Also Marc Ezio Torre begins his transformation into an identity that will consume him for the rest of his life. The birth of Myles Carver entraps Marc into a web of lies he intended to spin this entire time.

Our four heroes are Marc Warnock as Estee Marc Torri, Jeremy Hutsell as Albert Shaw, Bryon Kozaczka as Kazaa Kingsley, and Robert Kegler as Chester Winterbottom.
The Dungeon Master is John Francia
Hosted & Edited by Robert Kegler
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