Marc and Bryon talk about Cliff's Con, Town Wide Tag sale blow out, catching up with Halo (we discuss if this show is even worth watching beyond season 1) and our review of the last two episodes of Moon Knight (Spoilers).

#CliffsCon #Halo #MoonKnight 

Giant Sized Cliff's Con
Sunday May 29th, 10am to 3pm
DoubleTree by Hilton, Bristol CT
42 Century Dr Bristol, CT 06010

Marc and Bryon talk about Letterkenny S7 and S8, Box Office news, the 14th Doctor has been announced, the Avatar teaser trailer and our review of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness SPOILERS.

#DoctorWho #DoctorStrange2 #Avatar

Town Wide Tag Sale, Enfield CT
This Saturday from 9am to 3pm

Cliff's Con 
Saturday May 29th
Bristol, Doubletree by Hilton!

Marc and Bryon are back this week talking about Letterkenny S7, Halo Ep6 was pretty good, Bryon reviews The Northman and we talk about how you should prep for Doctor Strange 2.

#Letterkenny #Halo #TheNorthman #DoctorStrange2 

Marc and Bryon are back talking about their love of Letterkenny. We discuss the not so exciting Halo show and we review Moon Knight Ep 2 and Ep3. 
We also talk about the new teaser trailer that just dropped today for Thor: Love and Thunder. 

#Letterkenny #Halo #MoonKnight #ThorLoveandThunder 

Marc and Bryon talk about the show everyone should watch Letterkenny, we figure out the timeline for Morbius (finally), The Foo Fighters win some Grammys, and Bryon is giving up on Halo. We also review episode one of Moon Knight (SPOILERS). 

#Grammys #Halo #MoonKnight #Letterkenny #Morbius 

Marc and Bryon talk about the slap felt across the world and we reminisce about what the Foo Fighters mean to us and how we felt when we heard the news of the surprising death of drummer Taylor Hawkins (RIP). We give our review of Halo episode one, Marc gives us some history of Moon Knight and Bryon discovers his favorite new show Letterkenny. We then try and figure out the timeline Morbius takes place on and discuss if it's really worth watching this weekend.

#RIPTaylorHawkins #Halo #Morbius #Letterkenny #MoonKnight #Oscars






As the Myconid's Council of the Neverlight Grove has stopped communicating in lieu of the preparation for the White Queen's wedding. As half of the colony appear to be unwilling particpants, our heroes must gain entrance into the event and shut it down!


Or not. Really, it has always been about survival as this episode features a dice exchange for the ages. Will the the sway of Zuggtmoy, the Demon Queen of Fungi, find her unwilling thralls bested by our seasoned team or will we split our own heads to a fungal infection. Get out your tubes of anti-bacterial cremes, cause someone is going to get hurt!


I think you'll just have to listen in for episode 36 of Dungeonetics to find out who.

Thanks again to Kellen, Kiddr1ft and Games Brown for the musical enhancements as well as the wonderful folks at Thank you, truly. You all have no idea how much you inspire art.


Marc and Bryon talk about how Moon Knight might not have any big MCU cameos, The Batman wins the box office (again), the Halo tv shows has some early (not so good) reviews and we watch the new teaser trailer for The Boys. 

#TheBatman #TheBoys #MoonKnight #Halo 

Marc and Bryon talk about the Enfield 4th of July Celebration Band Line-up. We break down the Obi-Wan Kenobi & Ms. Marvel Trailers. We talk about the passing of Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) & Tom Brady punk'd everyone and never retired. 

#ObiWanKenobi #MsMarvel #ScottHall #TomBrady 

Marc and Bryon talk about our experience from this past weekends Manchester Comic & Toy Convention and we give our review of The Batman (SPOILERS).

#TheBatman #MCTCon #BoxOffice 

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