August 31, 2015

Ep 331: Wes Craven

Wes Craven
This week we are joined by Rocky Calsetta (Geek league of America). We talk about how old we all feel after watching the VMAs, Ecto Cooler is making a come back, Civil War in the MCU and we discuss Wes Craven's career.

This weeks music by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Topics & Spoilers:
VMAs, MCU, DCU, Elm Street, Horror movies, Freddy VS Jason, Celebrity's beefs, WWE, The Daily Show, Batman VS Superman, Donald Trump.

#VMAS #WesCraven #MCU #DC #WWE


Fear The Walking Dead Review
This week we discuss the idea of Zorro going post-Apocalyptic, theories about The Martian trailer, the skinny on the Fat Jew and our thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead. 
This weeks music is 21 Pilots. 

Topics & Spoilers:
Zorro reboot, The Martian, Fat Jew, Fear the Walking Dead review, True Detective, Arrow, TNA, and the Big Eat.

#FearTWD #Martian #TNA #BigE #FatJew


The Deadpool Trailer review
This week we discuss the D23 Expo, the first GOP debate and we break down the new Deadpool trailer. This weeks music by Faith No More.

Topics & Spoilers:
Fear of the Walking Dead, Donald Trump, Star Wars, Deadpool, House of Cards, Tom Brady's courtroom picture, Rare Collection, D23 Expo.


#Deadpool #StarWars #NFL #GOP #D23 #TomBrady

August 10, 2015

Ep 328: Donald Trump

What do people see in Donald Trump?

We are joined by Rocky Calsetta (Geek league of America) this week and we discuss Pixels and the internet hate of Adam Sandler, fake internet outrage and we fall down the rabbit hole of Donald Trumps run for president.

This weeks music is by itsXING with "Fate"

Topics & Spoilers: Adam Sandler movies, Pixels, Donald Trump, click bate, (fake) internet outrage.

Geek League of America:


The fall of American Pop Culture Icons
We are joined by Rocky Calsetta (Geek league of America) this week and we discuss the Spiderman cast leak, the death of Rowdy Roddy Piper and the fall of Hulk Hogan.

Topics & Spoilers:
The future of the podcast, Spiderman casting, MCU movies, Comic Code, WWF WWE superstars, Jared Fogle the subway guy and a bunch of randomness.  

Geek League of America:

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