June 30, 2014

B&M Baked Podcast Ep 260

Jon and Bryon discuses "The Leftovers" while Marc goes to town. This weeks music St. Paul and The Broken Bones.

Topics and Spoilers:
True Blood, The Leftovers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers 4, TMNT the movie, Jersey Boys, WW2 in modern video games and drafting in magic the gathering.

June 27, 2014

B&M Baked Podcast Ep 259

The Dungeons and Dragons Special Pt.23: The hero's of the town.  

Watch us play on our YouTube page here.

June 23, 2014

B&M Baked Podcast Ep258

The guys try and muster up some energy for this weeks pod. We give our review of the season premier of True Blood, Pi-Con is coming to town and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Topics and Spoilers: Transformers 4, Guardians of the Galaxy, True Blood, Pi-Con, E3 Games, Halo 5, Battlefield Hardline Beta, Dead Rising 3.

June 16, 2014

B&M Baked Podcast Ep257

The guys talk about the up and coming rumored DC movies, E3 and Game of Thrones season finally. Music by Lorde.

Topics and Spoilers:
DC Movies, E3 games and trailers, Game of Thrones.

The guys talk about this weeks news, D&D update, Slender-man and E3. This weeks music Nirvana.

The guys Quantum Leap from Watchdogs review, Game of Thrones deaths and Bryon's Oddities of the fork kind.

Spoilers and Topics:
Hartford Con, Game of Thrones, Watchdogs, Quantum Leaping, Quantum Break, Games w/ Gold and PSN Plus.