The guys give the new X-Men movie a review, Marvel news and in this weeks Oddities "King Pooper". Music by Jack White.

Topics and SPOILERS:
X-Men Days of Future Past, Child of Light, Battlefield 4, Nintendo & D&D update.

The boys are back and talk about sad Batman, Kinect-less XBOX and games coming to E3. This weeks Bryon gives us the human faced goat in this weeks "Bryon's Oddities".
Music by Black Keys.

Topics and Spoilers:
Godzilla Review, the new Batman Look, Games coming to E3, XBOX one's 360, Halo 5.

Jon and Marc talk about banking in the mid-evil times and Bryon gives us the first "Bryon Oddities" segment. Chris Mortensen's Movie review: Philmelina, In the Flesh & Mario Bros.
Topics and Spoilers:
Game of Thrones, Canceled shows, Spiderman 2, Xbox Kinect, E3.

The Annul Cinco de Mayo Podcast with special guest Erik Heckman. We give our Spiderman 2 review, discuss the new Star Wars cast and who or what will be in the Sinister Six movie. Music by Electric Six. 

Topics & Spoilers:
Spiderman 2, Sinister Six, X-Man, Marvel, Star Wars, Cinco de Mayo Party, Anchorman 2.