November 30, 2009

Ep 11: Fun with YouTube

This week Marc and Bryon talk about Black Friday, Christmas Music, and fun with youtube. This weeks Muisc: Jonathen Greene from Nude Black Glass with "Be Your Husband" (Equilibrium TV! - Jeff Buckley Tribute Show Part 1), Straight No Chaser with "12 Days" and The Dan Band.CanLogo2revise.jpg

November 23, 2009

Ep 10: Grinds my Gears

This week Marc and Bryon talk about what grinds their gears, Thanksgiving day high school football game, and what is craptastic.

Music: Adam Sandler "The Thanksgiving Song" and Theme by GBNE with  "Undeniable" (iTunes). Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!


This Week Marc and Bryon talk about the rare Atari game, new movies, new music & Mike Smith's Moustache attempt.

This weeks music: The Crowns w/ "Yeeeaaahh" (iTunes / Theme by GBNE (iTunes).

Also please post your Top 9's: Top 9 Movies, Top 9 Show, Top 9 Songs, Top 9 Events, Top 9 Games, Top 9 worst Songs & Top 9 people you would like to be stuck in a elevator with of 2009.

November 9, 2009

Ep 8: Happy Endings

This week Marc and Bryon talk about the new Weezer, Edward getting his drivers license, and how to get a happy ending in Longmeadow.

Music by: Co2 ( and Theme by GBNE (iTunes).

November 2, 2009

Ep 7: The Box

This week Bryon and Marc talk about Muisc, Movies and what they would do if they had "The Box".

This weeks muisc: Q with "Beautiful Lair" and theme by GBNE.
 (all music can be found on iTunes or Music Outlet)